Friday, December 24, 2004

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Response to a question "Do I ever get worried about sharing my life with strangers, as there are a lot of weirdos out there"

Yes, I do know what you mean, I think about it too.

There was a stage when someone was ringing me all the time at home, and then hanging up, until I wrote on my tagboard to knock it off, and they did, lol. You just have to trust the world, and be alert.

Once when I went shopping, two university blokes stopped mid-track and pointed, saying PATTYCAM! and I though "oh crap, do people like that watch me?" but hey, i just try to be honest and do what I think is right (by my family too) and if people want to waste their time by watching me get on with my life, *shrug*. (and I don't mean "people like that!" I just meant I was a little self-conscious and embarressed being recognised, silly, eh?)

I have a very weird sense of humour, and I am a very curious person, so I enjoy the interaction of people coming to visit my site, especially if they take the time to say hello, and introduce themselves. It's like visiting my home, I expect people to behave themselves, wipe their feet at the door, and mind their manners.

I used to be a radio reporter, and both my hubby and I are very heavily involved in the community, and our school, so we are very used to being in the spotlight, and are not shy people (except when we walk into the kitchen early mornings and relaize the bloody cam is on, and we are in the nuddy! YIKES!) Thank goodness for the 15 second refresh rate, at least its not streaming.....hahahahahaha, we back out of the kitchen very quickly!

If someone gives me a hard time, I can always block their isp from seeing my site, but have never had any cause to do that. Sometimes I get teenagers saying "show your bits" but I ignore them, and always try to have a family site, as my friends, mother, sister, hubby and my kids friends drop in and say hello, so anything that offends me, will offend them too.

I am just in the throes of buying the site name for another 3 years,, and the bloke said "You want to buy another 10 years?" and I thought, "really, am I still going to be interested in doing this in another 10 years time"?!

So I have the domain for another 3, that's when I will turn 50, and maybe I will bugger off the cyberspace then..and visit someone elses home, *mwuahahahah

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for emailing me back so soon and I see your point about trusting the world and not being paranoid.

It's actually refreshing to see someone not afraid to take on the world, or at least cyberspace and just have fun with it.
I hope you enjoy your holidays ( I must admit I am a little jealous of the barby christmas dinner, in Canada there is no hope of that!) and all the best in the new year, Lisa